Sand: A fun, developmental medium for children

Sand is an excellent open-ended medium for activity - there is no right or wrong way to play with it! Developmental experts agree that playing with sand helps children in many ways:

  • Fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination are improved and two-handed play is encouraged.
  • Tactile experiences with sand help children become more aware of their senses.
  • Encourages creativity and cooperative play.


Colored Sand

With colored sand, children may ask to play in sand more often and for longer periods of time as it enriches the experience of sand play by adding visual stimulation to the tactile experience. Various sand art activities are fascinating to children and projects are ever-changing.



Our Play Sand or Therapy Play Sand can be sifted, compacted, scooped, poured, and so on. Sand is so fascinating that most toys and tools end up playing a role in a child's sandbox, sand tray, or sand table sooner or later!