Black #FL40 Floral Colored Sand Art Material

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Floral terrarium with colored sand substrate

Terrarium Color Accents 

Made from pure, crushed feldspar rock, Floral Colored Sand Art Materials are colorful, eco-friendly fillers and substrates. 
What will you create?


Black Colored Sand

Coarse, luxurious Black colored sand art material pairs wonderfully as a substrate for succulent and air plant terrariums. 
Popular for special event decoration, home decor accents, promotional displays, floral vase filler, and social gatherings like garden parties or plant nights.
Create landscapes and seasonal effects for window displays, product presentations and photoshoots, and artistic keepsakes.
Millions of grains make for just as many possibilities using colored sand offering a vast sand color palette you can truly design anything with.


Clean Colored Sand

It Starts With A Grain of Sand:

Floral Colored Sand is made from 100% natural, pure, clean sand. All sand items are free of the following ingredients:

  • crystalline silica
  • quartz crystal
  • seashells
  • any forms of asbestos
  • any form of wheat or gluten
  • any form of nuts; peanuts, tree nuts, etc

Questions? Please check our FAQ page for more information.


How Much Sand Do I Need?

Want to find out how much sand is needed to fill a rectangular or hexagonal container, a theater stage, or circular vase?

Colored Sand Volume Calculator
Have a sandbox, stage, vase or container to fill?
Enter your measurements in our sand volume calculator.


Technical Details

Type Feldspar
Range 0.3 - 0.85 mm  
Mesh 20 - 50  
lb/ft3 90

Additional Information

Color Black
Model No. FL40
Made In Canada
Age 12+


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